Verizon’s Visual VoiceMail official: $2.99 a month

VerizonvisualvoicemailWe caught the Visual VoiceMail feature on Verizon’s product page earlier this month but it’s now officially official. It’s officially going to cost you too, $2.99 a month is the going rate for Verizon Voyager owners, as that’s the first device that officially supports the software. There’s a storage limit of 40 messages which will are available for 40 days, plus you can customize up to 10 greetings, 20distribution lists and 50 distribution contacts. If you need that many distributions and greetings, I think three bucks a month is steal.

According to the PR, Verizon wants you to hop on in to a VZW retail store to get the software, although I assume it’s installed over the air by the tech reps. Keep in mind that using Visual VoiceMail does use airtime or data and messaging charges, so this doesn’t save you any money in that department. Instead, this is an add-on for additional voicemail features. As much as I didn’t think I’d get into the Visual VoiceMail feature on my iPhone, I’ve come to embrace it… it’s definitely made VM a more useful tool for me. Before I forget: Verizon will continue to roll out availability of this feature to other devices in the near future, so don’t fret if you’ve got your heart set on something other than the Voyager.