Razume: Crowdsource your resume

ScreenshotThere are a variety of sites out there to help you build a resume that will actually get you a job. Razume hopes to stand out from the rest by making it easier for you to fine-tune a resume. After joining, you can use their tools to build a resume, or upload your current one. Then other site members can use a variety of markup tools and comments to offer advice and revisions. Armed with your newly-polished resume, you go off and get your dream job – at least, that’s the idea.

It’s hard to tell what proportion of the uploaded resumes have been reviewed, but on the ones with comments the comments are generally helpful. If you’re doing a stealth job search that you don’t want your current boss to know about, you should probably skip this – even with your contact info blacked out, you’re probably recognizable. But particularly if you’re an independent or new worker, you may find this an easier way to get feedback than letting employers be the first ones to see your pitch.


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