Dabbleboard Improves Online Whiteboards

ScreenshotMost of us have probably tried one or another of the online whiteboards out there. The problem is generally that the drawings produced on them look awful; who can draw neatly with a mouse? Dabbleboard has a neat solution to this problem: it’s smart enough to recognize common shapes and redraw them for you neatly. Get even a rough oval down with your mouse, and a smooth one appears; the same works for rectangles, diamonds, triangles, and straight lines. The result is a nice quality drawing directly from your rough sketches.

Dabbleboard also features annotation by typing anywhere, a freehand drawing mode to let you avoid the cleaning up, and the ability to insert images. You can save your drawings for later (privately or publicly), download them in PNG format, or share them by sending a URL to a friend. If two people open the same drawing, they can instantly draw together. All in all, this is a great new take on an idea that’s been around for a while – and it’s free.


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