Bernie Mac, Isaac Hayes, The Fold, BarackRoll: NTV Station Today

Since we can’t embed Phelps and Lezak’s triumph in the 4×100 swim relay (stupid NBC), we are reduced to bringing you the latest in a long line of Rickroll riffs. But BarackRoll has an advantage over the others, thanks to Barack Obama’s dance moves and some skillful editing.

This weekend was a sad one for the cast and crew of the upcoming feature Soul Men — Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes, who both appear in the film, died on Saturday and Sunday, respectively. The men have little in common except a commitment to intelligent career choices; they’ll be missed. Check out our clip retrospective here.

And Karina Longworth also has a review of The Fold, sci-fi softcore porn that manages to be entertaining, despite the lack of actual eroticism. Will audiences be satisfied with sex as a set-up, or will they get frustrated and go looking for real porn? NewTeeVee Station has the answers.