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Zapak Launches Flash Game Aggregator ZapakWorld

Zapak, Reliance ADAG’s online casual gaming arm, has launched Zapakworld, a casual game aggregator consisting of 12236 games, reports Medianama. User’s have the ability to upload their own games. Note that Zapak in its earliest avatar was an aggregator itself, albeit not one that scrapped for player embed codes on other sites. While it currently white-label’s licensed products, Zapakworld on the other hand is a mother-load of everything with a teddy-bear and actionscript. The site is being promoted through a banner on, I reckon they will use this as a filter for user-generated content, parsing popular content onto and channelling niche hits into separate verticals like kids, girls, etc.

8 Responses to “Zapak Launches Flash Game Aggregator ZapakWorld”

  1. I think this information is far far from accurate. 10000 users daily? Sometime back minglebox came with a figure of 1500 daily since the last 20 months..

    They should have signed up close to 7 lakh users. I will take this with a pinch of salt.

    Invest In a relatively new site, however, has been honest in Real Estate that they get roughly 500 new members every day. This is a Real Estate industry focussed network with features 200 times better than the so-called leading ones.These sites dont get the basic fact in developing a networking site.. User interaction, repeat visits, engaging content… Rather than this, its just plain stupid pokes or mindless scraps. Seen one, seen them all !