NBCU-Olympics: 1.1 Million Streams Of Men’s Freestyle Relay Served In Less Than 24 Hours


We aren’t planning a daily traffic report of this but NBCU’s numbers through this afternoon are out and so far more than 1 million streams of the U.S. men’s unexpected win in the 4×100 freestyle relay have been served on demand. From our comments, guessing a fair amount of them were people on the West Coast who gave up on the tape delay. (To paraphrase their pleas: Mr. Zucker — tear down this temporal wall!) With 1.1 million streams as of 4 p.m. Monday, it’s already the most-watched video ever for the site — responsible for one-tenth of the 11.1 million downloads so far.

Meanwhile, despite the frustration for some, NBCU’s strategy of saving the premium events for prime time is paying off for the network with an average prime-time rating of 17.0/30, the best since Montreal for a Summer Olympics not located in the U.S. — and a 20 percent increase from Athens.

Some other digital stats:

— The 11.1 million video streams is already five times higher than the total for Athens (2.2 million). I realize it’s a big number but it almost seems low for all of the attention and the prospective audience. NBCU’s distribution partner MSN delivered more than 10 million streams for one day of LiveEarth.

— By Monday’s end, NBC projects page views will have surpassed the Athens total as well — 199.3 million so far, compared with Athens’ 229.9 million.

— In addition to the relay, Monday’s top video streams include the Phelps 400IM win, Women’s Fencing (Foil) and two features.



The stream count is high now; will it sustain as the "important" events subside to others in the games? If we assume that swimming was one of the "it" moments of the games, how many more will there be to drive return traffic? NBC should hope that more relay-type events occur to drive traffic to their site…

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