Former NYT Reporter’s Hollywood Site TheWrap Gets $500K in Funding


The Wrap News, a not-yet-launched news site covering the Hollywood trade, has received $500K in seed funding, from undisclosed investors. The news site is slated to only launch in Jan 2009, but seems strange in these days to wait so long for a blog-format based news site…after all the founder Sharon Waxman has been blogging a bit on her personal site for a while. Waxman is the former Hollywood correspondent for New York Times (NYSE: NYT), and is also recruiting a team for added coverage. She intends to compete with the likes of Variety, Hollywood Reporter, and more directly with the one-person blogging machine of Nikki Finke.


Mike Andreveu

Nikki Finke has the same reputation for being "mean, vindictive and caustic"… I guess that goes with the territory?

digital bear

She has a horrible reputation in LA for being mean, vindictive and caustic. It shouldn't surprise anyone it will take her until January to launch given she has to go to "internet" boot camp to understand how to use a computer let along any devices. Everyone in LA knows she is a print gal- sort of a west coast Liz Smith.

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