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Airtel Claims 0.26 Million mCommerce Subs; To Pilot Mobile Transaction Platform

Airtel will be piloting a SIM based application called eCogNito, developed by XIUS-bcgi. The release quotes Pallab Mitra, Head, m-Commerce, stating they currently have 2,60,000 customers signed up. eCogNito is being pithced as a smart card replacement that will improve ease-of-use. The application itself is network agnostic and SIM based. It also features printed electronics technology titled Active Poster (AP). AP is essentially a through-the-glass terminal service that can be mounted on a retail shop with a glass front, converting it into a 24×7 storefront.

As per the site, the application is compatible with ‘millions of existing handsets’ and can be used to perform cash-less transactions for prepaid recharge, electronic bill payment, ticketing and for digital content. The handset has to be pointed at

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  1. This really is quite exciting. I think what is required for this to really take off what I call a bread-and-butter partnership – such as one with the Delhi Metro. Users will immediately see the convenience of being able to purchase travel tickets using their mobile phone, rather than having to buy separate tokens / cards. Barclays in the UK has recently introduced a credit card that doubles up as an 'Oyster card' – the contact-less card use to enter and exit the subway train terminals. If I understand the new initiative above – it's a similar concept, except there isn't a direct link between the customer's bank account and the payment device – as is the case with Barclay's Oystercard.

    Gautam Kshatriya
    [email protected]