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1Cast TV Clipping Service Confirms Our Report

1Cast, the “legal RedLasso” startup we dug up two weeks ago, is going public with its plans and its funding tonight. The Kirkland, Wash.-based company has raised a seed and first round of undisclosed amounts from Craig McCaw’s private equity firm Eagle River Holdings.

It seems like we got most of the details right in our original post, but 1Cast president Anthony Bontrager filled us in with some more today. The company will offer a public web site for users to search for keywords used in broadcast television. They will be able to stream relevant clips and contrast coverage from various networks. Bontrager wouldn’t disclose the company’s broadcast partners, but said they are household names and that 1Cast’s TV roster will be “exhaustive.”

1Cast will launch a beta program within a month (sign up to be a tester on its landing page), said Bontrager, and be available to the general public later this year.

Users won’t be able to stream live broadcasts but they will be able to search through broadcasts almost immediately after they air, according to Bontrager.

I really liked the RedLasso interface and experience, which was only open to bloggers before getting sued, so I look forward to seeing 1Cast’s service. Of how he scored the TV deals, Bontrager said, “I understand [the networks’] needs; you can’t waive the ‘fair use’ flag in front of their face and expect to get their content.” He added that 1cast is designed to push viewers to networks’ own web sites for more information.

Besides RedLasso, other TV-to-web products include Critical Media and TheNewsRoom.

1Cast was founded in 2006 and has six employees. It built its own player and search technology, according to Bontrager.

4 Responses to “1Cast TV Clipping Service Confirms Our Report”

  1. RedlassoFan

    1Cast sounds more like a copy of Blinkx and less like Redlasso from Anthony’s last comment “1cast is designed to push viewers to networks’ own web sites”. Sounds like they are searching published video clips from the major networks, just like Blinkx.