jkOnTheRun Geek Session- Acer Aspire One first look


I knew when Kevin posted that Circuit City was carrying the new Acer Aspire One netbook in their brick and mortar stores that it wouldn’t be long before he’d run out and grab one.  That’s exactly what he did and today he brought one of these nice blue mini-notebooks home so we sat down and had a video chat about it.  Kevin unboxed it and showed us everything you could want to know about the Aspire One and showed us all how fast you can take one of these Linux-based netbooks out of the box and get productive.  Have a look at the Acer and see if you think it’s worth the $379 Kevin paid for it.  I think it is.  I also like the Lazy Susan fixture on the bottom of the Aspire One, I think that should come in handy.




Hi guys,

Medium-time (is this the right term? not quite a long-time, but longer than a short-time) reader, first time viewer, and first time poster.

Firstly, great review of the device. I’m looking at one of these myself, especially since it seems upgradable.

Also, I wanted to add that, in general, I find video posts to be a bit self-indulgent and boring. But this was really entertaining. . . the banter between you guys is funny and adds to the tone. Even if I could have gotten the same information by reading this or other sites (and I have), I’m glad I took the time to watch the video. Keep up the great work.

Gilbert Tang

I appreciate your preview.

In the future, with respect to size I would recommend comparing such devices to more commonly used items, such as a DVD case, or what have you.

One of the most important aspects of these devices, in my humble opinion, is size. Unfortunately, I don’t use use too man external drives.

That said, again, your video still helped a lot, so thank you.


I picked one of these up for my girlfriend and it’s a great little device. You can get it for $350 online and pretty cheap, quick shipping.

Kevin C. Tofel

Mark, we show the boot after the initial setup… agreed, it’s pretty quick!

Jim, I’m wondering if the weight specs are with or without batteries. I took the batteries out of both and the Q1UP feels every so slightly lighter. When I put the batteries in each device however, the Acer feels lighter: 3-cell vs. 6-cell would be the difference. Could just be me; regardless of specs, the weight difference is negligible.


Unlike Microcenter, the $399 SKU at Buy.com isn’t at stock. However, that is in white and the ones at Microcenter are blue.

I don’t think the white ones are available in America just yet….


The $400 dollar one does seem to be the better deal (plus, I’d prefer the familiarity of XP over an unfamiliar linux distro), but I can’t seem to find it available anywhere yet. Do you guys know where to find one?


Interesting that you said the Acer was lighter than your Q1 Ultra Premium.

The Acer website lists the Aspire at 2.2lbs and the Q1 is listed as 1.9lbs.


I’ve been using the Aspire One for about a month and I think it’s great! The Linpus Lite is not very extended but works fool proof out of the box. Unfortunately you didn’t show people the boot time which is impressive! Mine boots in about 15 seconds..


It is very interesting that the $400 config comes with 1gb ram, 120gb HDD and XP Home, you get a LOT more for just $20 more than the reviewed config!

I know both are available at Microcenter, will check out my Houston location tomorrow, but I think both configs in the US are only in blue?

I’d like the white version. And sure, no Bluetooth and 3 cell battery but for $400, I can’t complain!


Wawa represent!

Too many of these things to choose from. I’m thinking of ditching my MacBook for an iMac and a netbook.

Keep these reviews coming.


Kev, you need to make it your personal mission in life to hunt down the elusive 6 cell batteries.

for anyone interested in the device go here for the most active community out there by far



i am also interested in the XP, 1GB, HDD unit. the 2 reasons i am not interested in Kev’s version is because the SSD’s in these netbooks are slow & the RAM in the Acer is very difficult to upgrade. i know alot of people get off on opening up their netbooks & modding them but not me. i like things simple & figure that a good HDD & 1GB preinstalled will fit my needs perfectly. plus its ONLY $20 more (not to mention an XP license as well).


wow, i was shocked how small that was when you held it up to the Q1U. it’s nearly identical width just a little deeper. i had no idea it was a nearly UMPC sized device, for some reason i expected it to be much larger.


nice purchase! but i’m surprised you didnt opt for the HDD version instead. as it will come to no surprise to anyone, but supposedly the SSD in the Acer is fairly slow just like all the other netbooks.

the $399, white, XP, 1GB RAM, HDD, version is REALLY calling me but i’m holding out for the 6-cell version

i really think Kev & James should use all of their blogging power and get Acer to force out their 6-cell batteries faster.

Kevin C. Tofel

During the video, I thought that the removable panel provided access to the open RAM slot. Afterwards, I removed it but that’s not where the RAM is. It’s actually quite a complicated upgrade procedure to upgrade the RAM. Ugh… more to follow of course. :) Oh, and the unit comes with 512 MB of RAM, not 512 GB as I mistakenly said. ;)

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