HTC Dream or Android nightmare?


The Boy Genius Report has uncovered a YouTube video of a device that is purported to be a prototype version of the rumored HTC Dream.  The Dream has long been rumored to be the Google Android phone that HTC says they will release in Q4 of this year.  The video is terrible quality but from what we can see it’s nothing special.  The interface is Windows-like with touch capability and it’s not too snappy.  The auto-rotation is nice but I consider that a must these days on any device.  I hope this is not the Dream as it’s really big and clunky looking.  What do you think?


Mike Cane

Looks like very early prototype casing. Not enough to go on at all. Except, daaaamn, at first I thought it was the old Zaurus PDA!

Nick Christensen

Damn, sweet video. Couldn’t someone cut the audio to eliminate the mouth breathing? OR LEARN TO BREATHE WITH THEIR NOSE?

im guessing the “snappiness” issue comes from the choice of touch sensor.

that may be the one thing that interest me about the iphone, the choice of a sensor based on skin resistance or heat (im guessing its the former) rather then one that respons to pressure on the surface.

especially for dragging motions or similar its kinda hard keeping enough force on the screen for it to register the whole motion.

why htc and others have not moved to a similar screen puzzles me. but it would not surprise me if they keep using the same model screen in multiple products, and save on cost by buying stockpiles of them.

so to swap to a whole new set of displays would be expensive until they have run down their current stockpile of screens.


I think someone is sitting back and snickering at how their little video pretending to be of an HTC Dream is taking over tech blogs today.

Gavin Miller

Not much to go on like you say, but it will have to be something special to better the flexibility of Windows Mobile or the UI of the iPhone.

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