Coffee break- giant Mac in the hood

Coffee_man_2This Sunday morning I decided to head back to my long-time old favorite coffee haunt, the Starbucks near my old house.  I haven’t been back very much since I moved a month ago and quite frankly I have missed the folks that work here.  It’s been an adjustment having switched to different daily coffee shops and I miss seeing these folks that I saw so regularly for a goodly period.

I decided to do something different today, something I haven’t done in a great while.  Today I brought the biggest mobile computer I own, the MacBook Pro 17".  This is my daily workhorse as it sits on my desk as my main computer but due to its size I rarely take it mobile.  I decided to bring it with me today since this is the only place I intend to visit and I wanted to see what I am missing when I leave it at home.

Mbp_in_the_sbuxIt turns out I am missing quite a bit.  Sure the MBP is large but it is very thin and since I only have to carry it from the house to the car and then to the SBUX it’s not that big a deal.  I do find that having the super-large screen greatly helps me in my work as I can have multiple windows open much easier and I had forgotten how nice the MBP keyboard works.  I use an external wireless keyboard at home so I rarely use the MBP’s keyboard.  It didn’t take me very long to get back to typing away using this keyboard I can tell you that.  For this brief trip I also brought the Bluetooth wireless Mighty Mouse with me since it’s so thin and easy to carry.  It’s been very nice having the mouse with me, although at first I just used the trackpad.  That works well too, especially the dual touch scrolling and the two finger tap right click.  But I am such a mouse guy that I quickly went back to the Mighty Mouse.

As for battery life, the internal battery is on a pace of about 3.25 hours which is not that bad for such a large notebook with this large screen.  I could easily pick up a second battery and thus work for over six hours with this beast if I had to.  Hmm, I feel another purchase coming on.  :)


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