Coffee break- giant Mac in the hood


Coffee_man_2This Sunday morning I decided to head back to my long-time old favorite coffee haunt, the Starbucks near my old house.  I haven’t been back very much since I moved a month ago and quite frankly I have missed the folks that work here.  It’s been an adjustment having switched to different daily coffee shops and I miss seeing these folks that I saw so regularly for a goodly period.

I decided to do something different today, something I haven’t done in a great while.  Today I brought the biggest mobile computer I own, the MacBook Pro 17".  This is my daily workhorse as it sits on my desk as my main computer but due to its size I rarely take it mobile.  I decided to bring it with me today since this is the only place I intend to visit and I wanted to see what I am missing when I leave it at home.

Mbp_in_the_sbuxIt turns out I am missing quite a bit.  Sure the MBP is large but it is very thin and since I only have to carry it from the house to the car and then to the SBUX it’s not that big a deal.  I do find that having the super-large screen greatly helps me in my work as I can have multiple windows open much easier and I had forgotten how nice the MBP keyboard works.  I use an external wireless keyboard at home so I rarely use the MBP’s keyboard.  It didn’t take me very long to get back to typing away using this keyboard I can tell you that.  For this brief trip I also brought the Bluetooth wireless Mighty Mouse with me since it’s so thin and easy to carry.  It’s been very nice having the mouse with me, although at first I just used the trackpad.  That works well too, especially the dual touch scrolling and the two finger tap right click.  But I am such a mouse guy that I quickly went back to the Mighty Mouse.

As for battery life, the internal battery is on a pace of about 3.25 hours which is not that bad for such a large notebook with this large screen.  I could easily pick up a second battery and thus work for over six hours with this beast if I had to.  Hmm, I feel another purchase coming on.  :)


Mr. CoffeeBlend

I have a dell M2010 and for me it the best laptop in the world to day I run multi screens 2- 4 at a time. I tried the small unit little the treo but i could not get any serious work done. 20.1 wide screen for me. With just a close of the screen it become like a breifcase and off we go. It weights about 8.5lbs or so but it actully seem a bit liter. I usely work at home though and I drink coffee form my home. I guess it makes sense, because I am in the coffee biz. If you every decided you want to stay home and use your computer for what ever the reason. visit our site and bring the Coffee Blend to you.


i see it though, as a discussion of HID (Human Interaction Device), since there is almost no machine-performance-related issue (other than battery life) that JK’s speaking of. “Super-large screen”, “nice keyboard”, “Mighty Mouse”… you get what i mean.

For the sake of discussion, don’t you think that, for some kind of works, a handheld ultra-portable (say, of the OQO size) can actually be accompanied by some kind of “HID-extension kit”. Folio is a great example, though not with an adequate pair (read: Treo).

A very portable, thin & light ‘super-large screen’ plus ‘nice keyboard’ (maybe plus ‘Mighty mouse’ to accompany a pocketable 5″ PC. What d’you think?

Gavin Miller

I sometimes think we get hung up on ‘portability’. I don’t find too many situations where I couldn’t take my M700 and usually ‘luggable’ is fine like you say as the ultimate payoff is a comfortable few hours working.

I love the Fujitsu P1610 but I appreciate the difference when I go back to the M700! I think that generally speaking the ‘desktop replacement’ combined with a decent netbook would be a good productive solution for many people. Goes back to the previous discussion on how many devices is too many.

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