Acer’s Aspire one stars in weekly Circuit City ad


Acer’s netbook entry may have already been available at Circuit City, but I just saw tomorrow’s ad today (gotta love that DeLorean with the flux capacitor) and the Aspire one is showing front and center in the notebook section. This is the first time I’ve seen some prominent advertising space for a netbook in the weekly circular; which is actually rectangular, but that’s another story for another time.In the ad copy, they actually don’t call the computer… well… a computer. Here’s the text: “this lightweight & portable Internet device features a cool design & USB ports for added versatility.” Looks like the netbook tag was also adopted because later on they do call it an “Acer netbook”. No special deals here: it’s $379.99 for the unit with an Intel Atom CPU, 512 MB of RAM, 8 GB of flash storage, 802.11g, webcam and Linpus Linux Lite. I’m off to Best Buy today to pick up some new external speakers for the MacBook Pro, so I might swing by the Circuit City for some touchy-feely time on the Aspire one. That shouldn’t put a dent in my travel plans since you can generally see a Circuit City from most Best Buy locations. ;)


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