Acer’s Aspire one stars in weekly Circuit City ad



Acer’s netbook entry may have already been available at Circuit City, but I just saw tomorrow’s ad today (gotta love that DeLorean with the flux capacitor) and the Aspire one is showing front and center in the notebook section. This is the first time I’ve seen some prominent advertising space for a netbook in the weekly circular; which is actually rectangular, but that’s another story for another time.In the ad copy, they actually don’t call the computer… well… a computer. Here’s the text: “this lightweight & portable Internet device features a cool design & USB ports for added versatility.” Looks like the netbook tag was also adopted because later on they do call it an “Acer netbook”. No special deals here: it’s $379.99 for the unit with an Intel Atom CPU, 512 MB of RAM, 8 GB of flash storage, 802.11g, webcam and Linpus Linux Lite. I’m off to Best Buy today to pick up some new external speakers for the MacBook Pro, so I might swing by the Circuit City for some touchy-feely time on the Aspire one. That shouldn’t put a dent in my travel plans since you can generally see a Circuit City from most Best Buy locations. ;)



Well, this morning after making my first post to this site, I made a trip over to Ft. Wayne,Ind. and went to Circuit City and purchased my Acer Aspire One. Sapphire Blue with 512 of RAM and Linux Lite. This thing is fast. Boots up in under 20 seconds. Everything works. I’m in love. Now I have 3 Acer Products. A Desktop, a laptop and now my new Netbook. After what I had read online about them not being out on display at Circuit City, I was surprised to walk into this store and there was one all set up and running so I got to play with it a little before I made my purchase.


I have done a lot of research on the Acer Aspire One Netbook and decided to go ahead and get one with Linux Lite. As seen in the video posted by Rogir on August 10th, it shows an Aspire with XP and one with Linux. The linux version boots up 3 times as fast as the XP Version. I need a netbook that comes alive fast and doesn’t need an Anti Virus Software package slowing it down. This One is it!!


Yeah, these are pretty sweet. I got to mess with them when they first came out. They have Linux on them, which is different. You really can’t add any software to them, at least I don’t think you can. It has a ton of features already built in though. Also uses Firefox as their primary browser which is great! I’d like to get one of these, just because of it’s size, but I’d probably go with the Asus, available here:


where can i find the

white, 1GB RAM, HDD, 6-cell version

in the US market and for how much?

dont care about the OS. if it has Linux i will install my own XP, if it has XP would still probably install my own XP (bloat free). dont really need another XP license so Linux would be better if it saved a few bucks.


i found the Acer to be truly stunning in person. although i dont typically like glossy coatings because they look cheap, the Acer was exact opposite & looks quite expensive.

here is a video some of you might like to see, it shows the Acers extremely elusive 6-cell battery pack that everybody wants. it shows a blue Acer with the 3-cell & a white Acer with the 6-cell. i have no idea what language this is but he is commenting on the battery differences. maybe someone who speaks it could translate?

i am holding out buying 1 until the Acer comes with the 6-cell standard as i have no use for a 3-cell.


i’m not sure how many of you have seen them in person yet or not, but it is a beautiful machine. definitely in the top 3 along with the Lenovo & HP. thats why every review of it constantly talks about how nice it looks. unlike the Lenovo which goes for a rounded-boxy style similar to Mac’s. the Acer is curvy all over which when handling it gives the impression that it is VERY small. it’s extremely solid construction as well.

i’m not sure what Asus is thinking with the EEE, but damn those are like the ugly redheaded stepchildren of the subnote world. the Wind is nice looking but feels cheap.


I just ordered one at my local CC for pickup when I wake up :) I checked a week ago and it was not available then…

I could have ordered online from one of many retailers, but there would have been the shipping costs and wait. Not to mention the blue one is hard to find!

I think the Acer Aspire One is currently the best netbook value around, and the most hackable as well, just like the Asus Eee 701 was last year.

The current Asus Eee 901 is great, but like the HP 2133 mini-note, it’s not worth it (both from a cost and mod perspective).


has Acer announced when the 6-cell battery will be released & for how much?


Very interesting the config with 512megs of ram and 8gb SSD is $380 in the U.S and the 1gb ram, 120gb HDD is $400 here.

I think most will just pony up the extra $20, especially when I hear the SSD is slow in the Aspire One.

Too bad these still have 3 cell batteries but $400 for a netbook with those specs is still fantastic, especially when comparing again the EEEs!


For those interested MicroCenter has the Acer One front page at the top in their current circular. Its the one with XP Home, 1GB and 120GB hdd all for $399.99. Funny thing is its right next to the Acer Aspire AS5315 15 inch dual core T1400, 1GB, 120GB HDD running Vista Home for $379.99. So not good advertising there. But I see that alot. But with XP and 512mb more ram for only $20 more this one is a better deal in my book.


I got to try out the Aspire One at the Circuit City near Microcenter by 610 and Westheimer in Houston.

It certainly has a much better keyboard than the EEE 700/900 series which I have tried out as well. The screen was also quite good in quality. I only got to use it for a couple of minutes but had no complaints about it.

But I have heard its battery life is low because it only has a 3 cell battery and the 8gb SSD is slow and poor quality. : /


netbooks in general are being advertised VERY carefully, because of the low profit margins manufactures dont want them eating into their more profitable mainstream laptop sales. you almost always see them advertised as “second computer” “ideal for basic internet functions” “your travel laptop” “Mobile Internet Device” and so on.

but the truth is, if your not a gamer or watching HD movies then netbooks w/XP could serve as many peoples only PC.

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