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Weekend Vid Picks: DIY James Bond Themes

Despite a pretty ridiculous title, anticipation for Quantum of Solace, the next Bond film, remains pretty high, especially after the release of a teaser trailer last month. The teaser doesn’t give a lot away, though, which means fans have since been reduced to discussing the elements they know are present. Which, in this case, boils down to the music.

Of course, the title theme, which will be performed by Jack White and Alicia Keys, hasn’t been released yet. So enterprising YouTuber Joe Cornish went ahead and created his own version.

For something comprised almost entirely of derivative works, Cornish’s humble offering is surprisingly original, working both as parody and film commentary. “Quantum of Solace…what does that mean?” Sorry, Joe, but no one, save Ian Fleming, really knows.

If you don’t want to go to the trouble of writing your own version of the theme music, though, there are a bunch of people happy to teach you how to play the original riff on the guitar. I’m most fond of Almightynikita’s lesson — it’s short, simple, and only abuses fancy dissolve effects a little bit.

BryJovi71 won’t teach you how to play his “pure metal” interpretation of the theme — but he does offer tab downloads, and some of the harmonics achieved are pretty awesome.

And once you’ve learned how to play the theme, in theory this is a skill you can translate to any instrument — including the ukelele (warning: video also contains adorable German animation).

What do we learn from all this? In many ways, the James Bond theme is much like the James Bond films — no matter how you reinterpret it, it’s still licensed to thrill. (Unless, of course, Halle Berry is involved.)

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