Noon Solar – *More* Solar Powered Bags!


A couple months ago we wrote about Reware’s Juice Bag Profolio, concluding that its nerdular style and dorky desirability had been trumped by the fact that it could tranform the Sun’s rays into juice for your gadgets…in short, great tech, terrible bag.

Fortunately, Chicago-based Noon Solar‘s range of solar handbags de-dorks green tech by adding solar charging panels to bags that actually look pretty stylish and tailored.

The company’s range of six bags – priced at a premium, between $300 and $500 – are created from sustainable leather and hemp with around half the range suitable for guy geeks and the rest geared towards girl geeks…the company also promises more models later in the year.

Now we just gotta wait for Timbuk2 to catch up…


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