Let the Games Begin (Online)


Finally! The Olympics kick off today and we want to make sure you are fully prepared. We’ve run stories about them all week, but with the big day upon us, we thought you’d appreciate a round-up and a refresher on where to catch all that sweet Olympic video online.

There’s our guide to “official” places to watch the Olympics online.

But if you don’t want to wait around for NBC’s tape-delayed coverage online, check out the Pirate Olympics: 5 Alternative Ways to Watch the Olympics Online.

(If you’re really hacked over the delayed coverage online, learn all the 894 Million Reasons the Olympic Rights Rule Online.)

With 2,200 hours available and the entire world watching, the new Olympic video player and Microsoft Silverlight will be put to the test (as will back-end encoding of all that video).

We’ll be watching the games online and will share our thoughts, but would love to hear your stories as well. What worked, what didn’t, what could be improved, what rocked. Leave a comment with us and tell us your thoughts.

UPDATE: Our sister publication JK on the Run has a nice round up 5 mobile methods to catch the Olympic action.


Tim Street

“It has come to our attention that NewTeeVee.com is offering news information and “how to advice” on unlawfully using NBC copyrighted footage without authorization.

This comment shall serve as formal notice to you under Chapter 5 Section 501…”

Any chance of you guys getting a notice like this for sharing the info?

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