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It’s 8.8.08! Five mobile methods to catch Olympic action

BasketballoniphoneIn my little part of the world, it’s now August 8th, 2008 and that means the Olympics are beginning! For some of you in other parts of the world, they already have and to be honest, I snuck in a little Olympic Football in HD yesterday. What if you’re not at a television for the next two weeks? You’ve got choices to catch Olympic action and highlights:

  • NBC’s official Olympics site offers updated information and plenty of on line viewing of live events. Note: you’ll need to install Microsoft Silverlight to watch the streams. The broadcaster also offers a solid lineup list for both television and on line coverage, both by hour and sport.
  • Download and install Orb, a free application that streams your home television content to you over the Internet. You’ll need a television tuner in a home computer to capture the signal for this solution. Jailbroken iPhones can use Orb to stream the Olympics, or any other television content, to their handset.
  • Nab a Slingbox at your local electronics retailer. The Slingbox is a solution that’s similar to Orb, but is more of a plug-and-play, consumer electronics solution. You simply connect it to your TV set and use the included software to watch content over the web. The new beta player adds a nice DVR-like function: play, pause and fast-forward up to an hours worth of content.
  • Verizon VCAST customers can tune in for daily highlights, breaking news, scores and results,features, and more.
  • Catch "one man and his camera" as Mike covers sports and tourist spots on his BeijingOlympics2008 YouTube channel.

There’s just way too much coverage to watch it all, but with these options and strategic scheduling (or heave use of a DVR), you can definitely catch plenty of Olympic action away from the television. In fact, there’s so much coverage this year, I may need to dust off my old Windows Media Center desktop for additional recording!

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  1. Somename

    8/8/08…I hope that’s an auspicious date for the Chinese people to begin to throw off their Communist oppressor, liberating themselves and the neighboring nations occupied or threatened by the retrograde dictatorship that occupies their own nation as well.