A whole lotta Kojinsha SX3KP06MA unboxing going on


Small laptops are all the rage and ones with swivel touchscreens even more so.  The Kojinsha SX3KP06MA (whoo, what a mouthful) set itself apart from the pack by integrating a dual-layer DVD drive into the tiny unit itself.  The SX3 also has a hi-res 8.9-inch screen and an integrated ExpressCard slot for mobile broadband which makes this a real business machine IMHO.  A couple of unboxing videos have appeared which show the SX3 to be a solidly built mini-notebook but not a Tablet PC, in spite of what is said in at least one of these videos.  While the SX3 has the nice swiveling touchscreen which lets you work in slate mode it ships with Vista Home which does not include the tablet features of Windows Vista.  You have been warned.

Unboxing video one
– only get to see the unit for about 10 seconds, not a good one.
Unboxing video two– much better look at the SX3 which makes it look pretty decent.  It’s the video below:




it ships with Vista Home “Premium” which does include the tablet features of Windows Vista. – You have been “correctly informed”.


It comes with Vista Home Premium (or Ultimate, as an order option in some places). Premium has the tablet functionality. Basic does not.

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