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Updated: MTV Mobile Picks Thumbplay To Manage Mobile Content Storefront; Drops Motricity

Update: MTV and Thumbplay both contacted us to clarify a few points of their deal that got lost in the minutiae when it was brought to our attention on Friday. For starters, the deal is not exclusive to Thumbplay, despite some lingering confusion on their part on this point. MTV Mobile still has a few smaller deals with third parties to distribute limited amounts of content on other channels. And there

9 Responses to “Updated: MTV Mobile Picks Thumbplay To Manage Mobile Content Storefront; Drops Motricity”

  1. Who's minding the store?

    That's why there are supposed to be adults, or someone who cares about getting an investment payoff someday, setting limits and saying "no".

  2. Bad News is Good News

    "Did the Motricity account “landers” ever even consider whether or not the business was going to be good"

    C'mon, sales people are paid to "land" deals. They don't worry about what is good or bad for the company.

  3. ^^ How do you 'land' an account like MTV?

    You guarantee them millions of dollars in revenue. Motricity didn't 'sell' to MTV. They just bought them off. And now it's time for the next sucker to step up to the plane and pay off MTV.

    enter stage left, thumbplay. aka Jamba 2008 – times time it's personal.

  4. Hollaback Mo

    "This is an account Motricity HAD and then LOST?"

    Yeah, they were never a good fit. MTV didn't really know what to do with Mo's offerings. They ended up getting tossed onto the same architecture, model, and servers as BET, and treated as an afterthought since BET did tons more business and we got better percentages. Oh well.

    You shoulda seen it when they landed the account, though. It was going to be called 'Bananas', so there were monkies and baskets of bananas all over the office. Stunk for days.

  5. This is an account Motricity HAD and then LOST? I thought it was just a new account they didn't win. Everybody keeps posting about accounts Motricity wasn't profiting from. What WERE they profiting from? Or were they simply not?

  6. Bad News is Good News

    Despite another high-profile defection this is probably good news for Motricity. While generating some revenue, I doubt they were actually turning a profit on this account.