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TubeMogul: Average Video Ad CPM Is $12.39

Video upload and analytics company TubeMogul has found that just over half of its users are monetizing videos, and the average CPM for those monetized videos is $12.39.

Admittedly, TubeMogul’s data is limited. The company reached out to nearly 12,000 of its users, which represent a mix of big media companies (CBS Interactive), new media studios (Next New Networks), ad agencies, independent creators and more. Of those contacted, 1,114 completed the survey (lured by the promise of a free T-shirt), and interestingly, some respondents were confused over terms like “monetization” and “CPM.”

But given all the recent discussion over video ad CPMs (and whether viewers want them on UGC), this is another data point to throw into the mix as we consider the actual business of online video.

TubeMogul also found:

  • 26.9 percent of respondents were monetizing all of their videos
  • 23.4 percent were monetizing all of their videos on their own (i.e. no partner program like Revver)
  • Overlay ads were the most popular form of video advertising (most likely driven by partnership options)
  • 29.4 percent of respondents used product placement

And what of those folks who aren’t monetizing their videos, even though there are a number of free partnership programs to do so? TubeMogul respondents said that in many cases these videos are ads like virals or movie trailers, or the videos are just put up for fun.

15 Responses to “TubeMogul: Average Video Ad CPM Is $12.39”

  1. Where are people finding these viral ads and movie trailers?

    I personally want to have a CPM ad showing movie trailers on my site, but I can’t find a reliable source of these ads.

    Any ideas?

  2. Youtube is going to bring $15 CPM or more.

    That is really huge.

    If you have got 100 thousand views per month on your Youtube videos, it will bring you $1500, enough to make a living doing internet videos. Tens of thousands of independent Youtube producers could be making that much money at least, which will give them more time and provide them better equipment and hire more people to do more and better videos.