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EU and UN to Link Carbon Trading Schemes in 2008: The European Commission and officials at the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change say their two carbon trading schemes will be linked before the end of the year, joining two of the largest carbon markets – Financial Times.

Scientist Says to Prep for 4 Degree Global Warming: Professor Bob Watson, one of the UK’s top science advisers, warns that the country should prepare for warming of the globe by 4 degrees, a change that will have profound impacts in terms of flooding, agriculture and coastal erosion – Guardian.

Oregon’s Solar-Powered Highway: In a partnership between PG&E, US Bank and the Oregon Department of Transportation, a $1.3 million, 594-panel solar installation will power lights at the interchange of Interstate 5 and Interstate 205 – Press Release.

“Convert Your Prius to Run on E85”: We told you how you can put a plug on your Prius but now a Dutch firm named GreenFuelSystems has created an E85 bio-ethanol conversion kit for €549 so your Prius can burn ethanol – AutoBlog Green.

World’s First Bio-Degrabable USB Key is Corny: Hong Kong-based Hoshino has made what it has dubbed “the world’s first bio-degradable USB disk” made of corn fermented into a material called polylactide – GearLog.


Craig Rubens

Thanks Jameson for the clarification, you’re right.


That would be PGE for Portland General Electric, not PG&E which is Pacific Gas & Electric.

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