SlingPlayer beta for PC adds DVR-like function and program guide

Slingplayer20Timing is a scary thing. Just yesterday I posted on how I was getting my Slingbox all ready to go for marathon mobile Olympic action and today Sling Meda opens up the public beta for their newest software. SlingPlayer 2.0 is PC only for now and adds some great new features. I know I’ll be taking advantage of the Live Video Buffer because I’ll want to pause and rewind the sports coverage while I’m working. Sling also added an integrated Programming Guide which alleviates the need to navigate around in the guide provided with your television or cable / satellite box. There must be some other stuff in there as well, since the download clocks in at a portly 160 MB. I’m grabbing it now on the UMPC… hope it fits!

Update: Of course the 160 MB download fits, the real question is: does the viewer and the new programming guide fit on a 1024 x 600 display. You betcha, but there’s not that much room to spare as shown below. I like how I can just double-click on a program in the guide and the software sends the remote command to my DVR. Very nice! OK, I’ll stop watching the PGA Championship and get back to work now. ;)



(via Download Squad)

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