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MobiTV passes 4 million subscriber mark

The news I ran across that mobile phone video provider MobiTV had passed the four million subscriber mark surprised me I’ll admit.  Watching TV-like video on my mobile phone is not something that occurs to me would be something I’d be likely to do but apparently many do.  MobiTV has a wide offering of content and no doubt that helps a lot but it’s the activity itself that is not appealing to me.  I’m glad that MobiTV is going strong though as everything I’ve heard about their service is good so more power to them.  I’d like to hear from you- do you watch video on your mobile?  If not, would you if it was readily available to you?


(via Brighthand)

6 Responses to “MobiTV passes 4 million subscriber mark”

  1. I’ve always been a little skeptical of their reported subscribers. I wonder if it includes free trials and/or everyone who’s ever subscribed and/or ppv. Someone should reach out to their them for clarification. As far as their service being “good”, I’m probably biased but I can tell you factually their resolution is lower than what you get with a Slingbox…

  2. I think that there is a use-case for on-demand video on mobile phones, however I’ve so far been unsatisfied with what I’ve seen so far; video is blocky, it stalls too often, and audio is barely, well, audible!

    This is where I get good 3G coverage in a sparsely populated area, so I’d hate to experience it in a city centre with a hundred other people doing the same thing.

    Maybe in 10 years time, perhaps.

  3. I definitely prefer Orb for free or a Slingbox purchase over a subscription service for mobile television content. I have total control over what I want to watch and with DVR functions, I can control when I want to watch as well.

  4. They probably count me as a member because I have a complimentary account that I never use. The quality sucks and the app is totally flaky. Not a good investment. If you just have to have mobile video, Orb and Slingbox are better for streaming video, but locally stored files are really the best approach for overall quality and dependability.

  5. Imagine being stuck at the airport waiting for your flight to board. You’d probably pull out your iPhone and read a couple of pages on your ebook reader (making this bold assumption based on one of your recent blog posts).

    I could imagine a lot of people using that same time to watch a bit of random TV on their phone.