Live streaming netbook show on Laptop Magazine


Ecsg10il2We can’t get enough information about these netbooks now can we?  That’s why we are all over every review and every video we find because while everybody is making netbooks these days very few are shipping yet.  That’s why we’re all so jealous of those folks over at Laptop Magazine.  They seem to always get the netbook of the day in their offices for proper handling.  They feel guilty about getting all of those netbooks, they really do.  That’s why they are giving back to the community tomorrow by hosting a live streaming webcast showing off a few of those new netbooks.  I have it on good authority that they’ll be flashing the Sylvania G, the ECS G10IL, and maybe the Gigabyte M912 will make an appearance.  To participate in the live streaming peep show hit:

Friday, August 8 at 1 pm EST

I’ll be there with bells on.  I am very interested in seeing the ECS G10IL since Laptop says "we could have an MSI Wind and Eee PC 1000H killer on our hands".  Now that’s heady stuff.



Boy oh boy was that a waste of time. I can’t believe that Laptop Magazine can’t afford a better internet connection.

Mike Cane

Wind killer? The Wind would have to have a rotten keyboard to disappoint me. This ECS whatever side-by-side in pics against the Wind shows its keyboard is less wide and less deep than the Wind’s. That can’t be good to start with.


i would definitely say its the 2nd best looking to the Lenovo. but it kind of worries me it is already heavier than the Wind at 3lbs without even having a 6-cell battery.

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