Tina Brown Goes For Evelyn Waugh Set With New IAC Site ‘The Daily Beast’

If you have to look it up, you’re probably mystified about the name of Tina Brown’s newest venture: The Daily Beast. That would seem to be a problem — her last publishing title Talk said it all; then again, that was no guarantee of success. The homage to Evelyn Waugh and his classic Scoop was reported first by Liz Smith to howls (sorry, couldn’t resist) from Gawker, Radar and the gang. We’ve confirmed that and can tell you that Brown has hired just under a dozen people so far, including already-reported Caroline Marks (former Comcast), Edward Felsenthal (former WSJ) and a half-dozen editors for the news aggregation site. No official timeline yet — most of the staff joined last month; the plan is still to start with a soft launch.

Portfolio ran the traps and reports that the domains thedailybeast.com and dailybeast.com are owned by someone named James Moy, who is auctioning them off with other domains. The registration from a Forrest Hills, NY address was set up in 2005.

Update: I’m told by someone who should know that both urls are held by IAC. On another note, I’ve been chided a bit for singling out The Daily Beast as a title, especially given the plethora of brands built on names considered nonsensical before they became successful and, in the process, created their own meaning. Talk had an easily understood name, tons of money behind it and the splashiest of launches — and wound up silent. This one will work if, like Vanity Fair, an identity can be created that stands apart from its literary predecessor and stands for a product enough people want.