NBCU-Olympics: Let The Widgets Begin


imageWas going to go with ‘let a thousand widgets bloom’ but we’re way beyond that with the 2008 Summer Games in Beijing. NBC Universal (NYSE: GE) has set up a massive promotional network with more than 4,000 official partners — all driving users back to NBCOlympics.com with a mix of RSS, direct links, widgets and more. We’ve already written about the deals with MSN and AP (with its 2,000-plus domestic media outlets); other distributors include AOL (NYSE: TWX) and its video search engine Truveo, The Sporting News, the USOC and some of its sites, some athlete sites, a batch of lifestyle outlets ranging from VIBE.com to Petside.com. That’s in addition to all the NBC digital sites and partners. No answer yet from NBC as to whether all get rev share. An NBC spokesman says no rev share for the distribution partners.

At the same time, much like March Madness although on a larger scale, NBC is propagating widgets that any site can use to take part. The result: a lot of places where users can find out a varying degree of detail, some potential reflected glory, and a lot of unpaid, online publicity for NBC. Widget is embedded after the jump.

Exclusive Summer Olympics news & widgets at NBC Olympics.com!


My boxtops were counterfeit!

The Olympics suck anyway and David, your view of our drug addiction to China as debt holder is disgusting. Try keeping your savings account open longer than a week and a half and then who cares…

You and your buddies put US in there, I sold my car long ago because SS benefits no longer allowed me to drive mom's old 1994 sedan. I got a really nice vintage bike, then another, the car paid off the debts IT was solely creating and I've always been frugal and diligent enough to collect the stereo, video and hi-fi gear I wanted for next to nothing. I repair, rebuild and HOMEBREW everything I have to now.

Don't tell me about stupid debt that is your own indecent fault.


People do not realize that we need China very much. They back up a trillion of american debt. They do it so we spend our money over there BUT we are getting money back. In the last 5 years U.S. exports to China has tripled. Anyways if you are going to live in this world learn some freaking mandarin people http://www.petergreenberg.com/2008/08/07/when-in-beijing-speak-like-the-chinese-do/

Oh and Phillip that vent was not necessarily meant for you but if you feel like part of it was then maybe it was.

Phillip Molier

"Free press" Bush means the press can be bought and manipulated to serve the corporate agenda because the Chinese press are controlled by the government. I do see the difference however bush thinks there is; well you can try and pull the wool over the eyes of someone else. This is a united effort by the corporations of the west to bombard the Chinese with negative marketing which is really blackmail at this crucial time in Chinese history. Their aim is for China to allow the western corporation’s access to the 1 Billion + untapped consumers so they can sell them their products and services.

There are many intelligence services agents under the guise of journalist in China spinning webs of subversion. Why the need ? well let’s call it economics the western corporations want access to the Chinese population and all the nationalised sectors to be in private hands. They are doing their utmost to undermine and humiliate China while billions of us watch they are turning this prestigious sporting event by politicising it.

What happened to the Sydney Olympics and the aborigines being unrecognised, mistreated, ghettoised and ignored of their rightful ancestral lands ? i will tell you it’s because western corporations own Australia just like South Africa only white might is right so shut up and don’t fight for your rights ! Expect more serious trauma to be inflicted on the Chinese because these corporations will not stop until they get what they want. All these rich kids making protest have the time and the money to make themselves a name these egomaniacs while the rest of us work 9 to 5 and 7 days a week.

The Chinese are the workhorse of the world and they can make almost anything so why would they allow money to go to western banks when they can provide all the needs of their consumers, pick up anything and read the reverse text "made in ?" yes CHINA ! Western corporations know the Chinese are modernising and developing at a fast rate and they see this as a threat because they don’t want the Chinese making and selling all the things their countrymen want because they feel this is against DEMOCRACY and FREEDOM, how absurd. Bush didn’t create FREEDOM neither has he a monopoly of this inalienable right go read your CONSTITUTION bush.

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