Wind-Powered Vehicles Set to Race


We haven’t heard if the wind-powered VW Bug Rep. Devin Nunes designed for Democrats last week has moved out of committee yet, but engineers from Stuttgart University are way ahead and say they have successfully tested their wind-powered Ventomobile. The Ventomobile, with its three bicycles wheels and two-bladed rotor, will compete with five other European teams in the Aeolus Race in Den Helder, Netherlands, on August 23. Competitors will race along a three kilometer track powered solely by the wind.

The race is being organized by Windenergy Events as part of the the Tall Ships Races 2008 taking place in the waters off Den Helder. According to the competition rules wind-powered vehicles must have at least three wheels, a rotor area of no more than four square meters and be no more than 3.5 meters tall. Prizes will be awarded in nine categories, including fastest team, best design and even “bad luck” for those who can’t get the wind behind them.

If we have any E2T readers near Stuttgart, the Ventomobile engineers are demoing their vehicle on August 12 and any attending the Tall Ships Races, make sure to report back on how the Aeolus race goes. For those who won’t be able to visit the land of tulips, wind mills and now wind-powered vehicles, check out the videos after the jump of the Ventomobile’s construction.


Wind Turbine

Wind Turbines are a great way to reduce your energy bill. They are pretty affordable, something you can do on your own, and it’s eco-friendly : )

Mr Green Genes

Hmm… I wonder if re-inventing the sailboat is something we should be spending our time on.

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