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TurnHere CEO Brings in His Replacement

TurnHere founder Brad Inman is stepping down from his role as CEO of the Emeryville, Calif.-based video ad production platform company and bringing in a replacement, Bud Rosenthal. Rosenthal had recently been CEO of WorkMetro, which sold to Jobing after laying off half its staff.

In a call this morning, Inman described the change as his own doing; the serial entrepreneur says he isn’t starting anything new and will be remaining TurnHere’s chairman and principal shareholder. Inman will still be working on the company full time, but not on management and operations, he said.

Rosenthal doesn’t have video production experience, but Inman argued it’s more important for TurnHere to have someone on board with experience managing large partners. TurnHere also promoted John McWeeny to COO from SVP of business development.

TurnHere recently raised $7.5 million from Venrock and Hearst Interactive Media, following an initial investment of $1 million by Inman, William Randolph Hearst III and Ron Conway. The company had initially focused on local video but changed its strategy help businesses — such as book publishers and real estate agents — commission online videos from independent producers.

4 Responses to “TurnHere CEO Brings in His Replacement”

  1. Yeah, VC is a business about ROI. Anyway Turnhere is a great concept but they need to stimulate the space which is why I believe they should team up with and help grow the business.

  2. Hmm.. guess that is what happens when you take VC money. Time to perform or hit the road. Replaced with a CEO who’s last venture underperformed. Very interesting.