Sony Vaio SR- the Sony Air


Sony_vaio_sr_1Thin and light is the order of the day as far as notebooks are concerned.  Apple wasn’t the first company to produce a very thin and light notebook but they produced the thinnest one and since the MacBook Air was introduced the race has been on for other OEMs to churn out thin and light noteboks.  Word has come out of Korea that Sony is about to introduce the Vaio SR line to tap further into the thin and light market.  Sony has long made thin and light devices but if preliminary information holds up the SR line will certainly push Sony into the thin and light camp.  The Vaio SR looks to be very similar in size and styling to the MacBook Air, right down to the keyboard.  The initial photos of the SR show it to be very thin and we suppose light as well and with the 13.3-inch screen must be very similar in size to the MBA.  No word on pricing nor availability at this early stage.


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Who cares about slipping it into an envelope? The Z may be a tad “thicker”, but it’s still just over 3 pounds, has an optical drive, etc. The MBA isn’t even close to that spec, but it is “thinner” as well as bigger. No thanks.


Not sure where “this early stage” thing comes from, it’s already available at It’s not nearly as thin as the Air, just looks like it in those pics because much of the lower part is black.


Just wanted to (annoyingly) remind people that Sony first came out with the style of keyboard now found on the MacBook and MacBook Air back in *2004*, and they were black to begin with. Please take that into account when calling the keyboard similar to that of the Air. Also, it has distinctly non-tapered sids and that obnoxiously large logo on the lid and those stupid stickers all over the place; no one will mistake that for an Air :)

James Kendrick

Thanks for that info Victor. I have in fact been eyeing the Z for quite some time. The top of the line system I specced was almost $4k! Nice piece of kit, though.

Victor Chen


The article you’re referencing has incorrect images showing. They’re mixing images of the new Sony VAIO Type Z and the Type SR.

While both are in the thin and light/ultramobile category, the new Z series is really the device you should be looking at. The SR is essentially a “redesign” for the venerable S/SZ class VAIOs.

The Z is a professional oriented system that boasts the one of the most powerful spec’d systems in an ultrathin package. It has discrete (256MB even) and integrated graphics, a new 1600×900 (16:9 aspect ratio) screen with 100% NTSC color gamut, and doesn’t sacrifice any standard ports. It also boasts a Blu-Ray burner and SSD RAID 0 option (without sacrificing optical drive) all in a carbon fibre/aluminum case at 3.42 lbs.


Meh, it isn’t as thin as those pics would have you to believe. The SR has been available in the US for a couple of weeks now. It is a very nice machine. I’m typing this on mine. One of the nicer machines I’ve used in a very long time. BTW, the Sony Z is the machine that a lot of people are anticipating. It is a little heavier than the Macbook Air, but includes a Blueray drive, 13″ 1600×900 display, and nVidia discrete graphics. That is due to hit in a couple of weeks.

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