Sony Vaio SR- the Sony Air

Sony_vaio_sr_1Thin and light is the order of the day as far as notebooks are concerned.  Apple wasn’t the first company to produce a very thin and light notebook but they produced the thinnest one and since the MacBook Air was introduced the race has been on for other OEMs to churn out thin and light noteboks.  Word has come out of Korea that Sony is about to introduce the Vaio SR line to tap further into the thin and light market.  Sony has long made thin and light devices but if preliminary information holds up the SR line will certainly push Sony into the thin and light camp.  The Vaio SR looks to be very similar in size and styling to the MacBook Air, right down to the keyboard.  The initial photos of the SR show it to be very thin and we suppose light as well and with the 13.3-inch screen must be very similar in size to the MBA.  No word on pricing nor availability at this early stage.


(via AVING)


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