SEee. Spot. Save. Eee PCs arrive at Target.



Netbooks took another step towards mainstream awareness today as the Asus Eee PC is now available at Target’s on-line and retail stores. 150 brick & mortar Target’s now stock the netbook that started it all. Literally. It’s the 2G Surf model, which offers a scant 2 GB of flash memory storage although you can add removable memory through the SD card slot. The price is still hanging around at $299 but of course you do get your choice of color, which is sure to make up it, right? Actually, they offer the 4G model as well, which starts at $349.

Interestingly enough, the product description on Target’s website states that the 2G uses an 800 MHz Intel Mobile Processor. Is this a Target "Special Edition" with an Intel A110 CPU on the inside or just a typo? There’s a Starbucks in my local Target, so I may go have a look. I’m leaning towards typo though. One aspect I’m not questioning is the "arrival" of the netbook market. We geeks have been watching it unfold for nearly a year and yet most consumers still wonder what "that little laptop" really is. When you seem them in your local Target or WalMart, you know that they’re catching on in terms of awareness.



Hmmmm, I seem to remember posting a picture on Flickr a while back regarding Eee PCs at Target which lead to a very nice deal on a used 4G Eee PC…


Kevin C. Tofel

Thanks Travis. My old age combined with numerous Eee models caused me to forget the 2G has the 800 MHz Celeron that’s under-clocked. :)


What happed to the cloudbook,sylvania, emachine that walmart was selling? It had the c7m processor and I jaave seen it for $250.00. I think the net books are great. i have an eeepc 701 and the use of low cost dvd panles of 800×480 resloution keep the price down there are times when i would like to have hif=gher resolution, but I have installed MovMe that lets me move dialog boxes that are off the screen. thuis is for xp home edition. To move the dialog box up you hold down the windows key and touch the uo, down, or side arrows. Also if you attach a mouse you hold down the ctrl and window key while using the scroll wheel to move the dialog box. Witih ie7 and firefox 3 you can fit the screen to see the whole web page, without horizontal scrolling. All in all this is a great portable machine for podcatching, surfing, emaling and editing documents


All I can say is wow! It’s been amazing watching this little guy take off. The Eeepc is really hitting the mainstream, now you can buy them at best buy and target, what’s walmart waiting for?

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