New Bookeen CyBook Gen3 reopens the dedicated ebook reader debate

Bookeen_smallFew topics get readers as worked up as when discussing whether dedicated ebook readers are the cat’s meow or not.  Amazon recently was talking up their sales numbers for the Kindle and Sony has been pushing their Reader for quite some time.  While dedicated ebook readers are certainly good ways to enjoy ebooks I prefer reading them on my phone due to its constant presence on my person.  That doesn’t take away the enjoyable reading experience that is offered by a good ebook reader, however, and the latest generation of the Bookeen Cybook Gen3 looks pretty sweet.  This third generation CyBook is certainly thin and light and with an SD slot can hold the biggest ebook libraries.  Throw in the ability to play MP3 audio files and the CyBook is a dandy device.  The only drawback for some will be the $350 price tag, a pretty hefty one for something just for reading books.  Of course that is cheaper than the Kindle so that might not be too bad.  It’s a pretty spiffy looking reader for sure.  It handles Mobipocket format ebooks making it pretty useful for exisiting libraries.

(via TRFJ)


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