Macs really ARE more expensive than Windows PCs!

Dell_xps_one_2That may sound like an obvious statement but the overall consensus of late is that Macs are getting closer in pricing to comparable Windows-based PCs.  That seems to be changing currently, and quite a bit according to eWeek.  Joe Wilcox was taken with how cheap both notebooks and desktops are getting on the Windows side so he did some detailed comparison shopping to see how current PC prices compare with Mac prices.  What he discovered was quite an eyeful:

Imac_2Today I contacted Stephen Baker, NPD’s vice president of industryanalysis, about computer average selling prices at retail. That HPnotebook is right on mark: ASP for retail Windows notebooks is $700.Mac laptops: $1,515. Yeah, right, they’re more than twice as much. Butthere’s more: The ASP for Mac desktops is more than $1,000 greater thanfor Windows PCs, and Mac desktop ASPs were higher in June than theywere two years ago.

Ouch!  Mac notebooks are twice as much as PC notebooks comparably equipped and Mac desktops are $1,000 more than Windows-based equivalents.  Sure Macs are nice and have many virtues but it’s awfully hard to ignore numbers like these. 

Dwight Silverman gives his take on this and points out that interestingly cheap PCs are being offered with gobs of memory compared to their Mac equivalents.  This may be something that Apple needs to address given these economics.


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