Lenovo plans smaller display sibling to S10: the 8.9-inch S9


Ideapad_s10Lenovo recently outed their S10 netbook (shown), an Intel Atom-based unit with a 10.2-inch screen, but as Asus proves time and again, there’s always room for Jello more models. DigiTimes confirms that the S9 is Lenovo’s 8.9-inch entry and will offer 8 GB of SSD storage to complement the 1 GB of memory inside.

This model will also be available with either Windows XP and a Linux distro to be named. Based on the expected prices, the S9 should be around 30% less expensive than the S10, at least in Asia. We won’t know for sure how that pans out elsewhere until we get some official pricing details on the S9 from Lenovo. If the S10 starts at $399, I’m hoping we’ll see the S9 come in around $299 to $349 which would make it very attractive to the masses.

Update: I’ve modified the title of the post as apparently it’s only the display that will be smaller. Looks like the same sized chassis of the S10, but with more bezel around the 8.9-inch display according to Crave.



the S10 & S9 look great, the only fault i can even find is the battery design. the current pictures are showing it with a 3-cell & a 6-cell version will be available as well. but you can tell by the way the battery slot is designed on the laptop it will have to use 1 of those terrible HP 2133 long cylinder style batteries. i would have much preferred the flat brick style batteries found in most other netbooks that allow the bottom of the laptop to just slightly curve out.


The translations offered on that web site Kevin advertised are quite surreal. How about this?

‘India is not the boost, I feel quite special.’

I know that feeling.


It appears that even the U110 Ideapad is not yet available in the UK (it’s not on the Lenovo UK website), so I assume that those of us in the UK shouldn’t get too excited about this.


wow, nice link Kevin the Lenovo is gorgeous! although its a little disappointing the S9 will be in the same body as the S10 it’s not that huge of a deal. the S10 is so efficiently designed it is significantly smaller than the other 10″ models out there & nearly the same size as the 8.9″ models. so using the same body & sticking in a smaller screen/flash storage to get the price down even further isnt that bad.

Mike Cane

Well, is it actually a new model or just different guts and a screen with a big black bezel around it inside the case of the S10? That’s a trick Asus has been pulling lately with some 9xxs, putting them in the 1000 shell.

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