HTC Touch Diamond to hit 1 millionth sale this month


We might get all caught up in the numbers of that fruit phone but the HTC Touch Diamond has not been slouching in the sales department.  It took five months but HTC is stating that it will ship its one millionth Diamond this month, and expects to ship between 2.5 – 3 million units of the little Windows Mobile phone by the end of this year.  Those are pretty healthy sales numbers no matter who you are and it emphasizes the consumer’s demand for thin touch-enabled smartphones.


(DigiTIMES via Intomobile)



It’s a very good phone, and I think it deserves this level of success. There is a very good combination of hardware and software available that in many ways bests the iPhone.


In addition to selling the iPhone here in the UK, O2 also sell more WinMo phones than any of their competitors. However, they’ve delayed the release of the Touch Diamond until October to prevent it cannibalising iPhone sales.

Gavin Miller

Putting things in perspective though, even with healthy sales of this and the iPhone, Nokia sells 2 million handsets a day!


Very nice phone, I played with one in Dubai. It’s a bit slow, and once you get past the HTC face it’s still clunky WM underneath, but overall a very sleek and small phone. The VGA resolution is almost unuseable due to the tiny physical size of the screen, especially with web browsing.

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