Further look at the OLPC running Windows XP

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We had an early look at Windows XP running on the OLPC thanks to Om Malik and shortly after Microsoft announced they had customized a special version of XP to be included on the OLPCs going forward.  Laptop Magazine visited the folks at OLPC and got some detailed hands-on time with XP running on the special notebook and have published their impressions.  They also got an advance look at the OLPC2, the dual screen version that has been leaking out.  So how does XP run on the low-end hardware of the OLPC?:

The XO running Windows XP gives end users access to Windows XP and thegiant universe software that works with the world’s most popular OS.However, our early peek at it suggests that its performance is sluggishas evidenced by its lack for solid mutlitasking. In our opinion, thedual boot gives kids the best of both worlds. It brings the somewhatboring, but ubiquitous Microsoft OS together with Sugar which is packedwith learning centric tools for kids.


OLPC running Windows XP (courtesy Laptop Magazine)


OLPC the next version (courtesy Laptop Magazine)

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I think the greatest gift from the olcp is the eeepc came out because of it. And the eeepc has started the netbook revolution. Yea it is a good time to love portable devices.

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