5 On-the-Fly Efficiency Tips When Using Windows & Apps


Windows, as well as the browsers that Windows users use, offer lots of under-the-hood productivity and efficiency boosts that you can deploy if you know about them. Here are five tips that I use all the time.

Quickly Go Back to the Desktop. Do you have so many applications and windows open that you don’t want to minimize them to go back to your desktop? Press Ctrl+Esc and then Alt+M to pop up the desktop.

Using Your Scroll Wheel with Productivity Applications. If your mouse has a scroll wheel, you’re probably familiar with scrolling up and down while scanning web pages. You can also use it without scrolling in Windows applications, though. In your word processor or spreadsheet, click the scroll wheel once until your cursor changes form, and you can move the mouse up and down for speed scrolling. In large spreadsheets, click the scroll wheel and move to the right and left to speed scroll horizontally.

Increase the Size of Web Page Text and Graphics.
On your keyboard, hold down the Ctrl key and move the scroll wheel on your mouse up and down to increase the size of elements on web pages.

Use Document Scraps. If you’re writing something in, say, Word and you want to quickly stick a small portion of it in a new document, select the text and drag it to your desktop. Windows will automatically create a scrap document.

Clean Your Windows Registry. It’s important to regularly clean out your Windows Registry, which improves boot time and more. I like to use Glary Utilities to do this quickly, and it lets you make a backup of your registry in case you eject anything you didn’t mean to. The application is freeware.

Do you have any good efficiency tips?

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