Why Switch to the Mac? Five Top Reasons

Although the types of tech writing that I do require me to spend the majority of my  time on Windows PCs (and some on Linux systems), I also use a MacBook, and have accumulated a list of Windows-vs.-Mac gripes over the years. I know that a lot of readers of this blog use Macs, but quite a few use Windows machines, too. If you’re considering switching to the Mac–and more people are than ever–here is my top five list of advantages the Mac offers.

An actual file system.
Microsoft has been promising a fast, full-featured file system in Windows for years without ever delivering one. WinFS, which was supposed to be a Mac-like, robust file system was planned for Windows Vista, but then shelved. The speed with which I can retrieve anything on my computer with the Mac is a huge advantage.

Much better video and graphics. The Mac OS and Mac machines have been recognized for years as trouncing Windows PCs in these areas, but I don’t see this as just a hardware or operating system issue anymore. That’s especially true now that Apple uses Intel processors. It’s the applications I can use on the Mac that have become more robust than their Windows counterparts. Even iMovie is more robust than Windows video editing applications that cost hundreds of dollars.

Cooler looking machines. Hey, it had to be said. Apple dominates at design. The Mac OS also looks slicker than Windows XP or Windows Vista.

True plug-and-play. Mac users, when was the last time you tried to plug any peripheral in and ran into problems? Even after years of Microsoft’s plug-and-play initiatives, I still run into nasty driver issues and incompatibilities. I think the key here is that Apple keeps compatibility simpler for developers and hardware manufacturers.

More reliability. Macs are more reliable than PCs for several reasons. The operating system is far less prone to crashing. Support is head-and-shoulders above what you get with a PC. And because the user base is smaller than Windows’, Macs and Mac applications are less of a target for hackers.

Mac users, what would you add to this list?


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