Twitter: Watch Where You Click

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ScreenshotVia the BBC comes the latest news of rotten people on the internet: Twitter profiles are now being used to broadcast links to malware. In this particular case, various users have been offering a purported link to a porn video, but if you click it (and you happen to be running Windows) you’ll end up with a fake version of Flash that can download other nastiness to your computer.

Though Twitter has removed the offending links, they haven’t yet cancelled all of the accounts involved, and in any case the link is easily findable via their search page. The lesson? As with email, you need to think before you click, even on a network of your “friends.”

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Yeah that’s common sense for sure, but part of me does think that this should maybe serve as a lesson to all those people following thousands of “friends” on such social networking websites.

There are levels of trust at play all the time, but we seem to forget that on the internet.

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