Sprint Mogul update- you can’t have it


Sprint_mogulI just got off the phone talking to my brother who is an unhappy Sprint customer today.  He has a Sprint Mogul Windows Mobile-based smartphone that he is quite happy with.  It does everything he needs and as his first Windows Mobile phone has surprised him how capable it is.  He’s been using it now for a few months and even though he’s not a tech junkie like me he has gushed about it every time I’ve spoken to him about it.  Until today.  It seems that he found out somewhere that Sprint has a Windows Mobile 6.1 upgrade for the Mogul and after researching it online he decided that the additional functionality of WM 6.1 was something he could use.  The problem is he is a regular consumer and not a business customer.  It seems Sprint is telling him that the upgrade is only for business customers and they won’t let him have it since he’s just a regular guy.  Say what?  How does it make sense that how a customer is classed by Sprint should have anything to do with getting the update or not?  The update exists, it is being provided to business customers but not to regular consumers? Why did they sell him the phone in the first place if they weren’t going to provide him updates for it?   Needless to say senseless policies like this have my brother rethinking his business relationship with Sprint.


Russ McGuire

Sorry for the delayed response. I’ve been trying to nail this down since it popped on your blog a few days ago.

I had my team check. The information that all Sprint care reps are supposed to use (KMS) to answer customer questions clearly says that the upgrade is available for all customers either from the Sprint download site or from the HTC site.

If you could separately send me your brother’s account number, we’ll try to track down the rep that made the mistake and help them understand how to better serve customers.




Sprint’s track record of tragically mis-informed customer service reps continues. I like my Mogul and am happy with Sprint’s network performance but their customer service has failed me the majority of the time. Sigh.

Brett Q.

Great to see Eric’s post here. I worked in customer service/tech support for years, and really this is just a case of Sprint being…well, Sprint. Sprint needs to offer correct and updated information to their employees, but it is also the employee’s responsibility to read, understand, and ask clarification questions if they do not understand something. In every call center you are likely to find someone that doesn’t care enough about his job to keep updated on the latest and greatest his company has to offer.

Coming from a call center background, all I can say is that if anyone is not happy with the first answer, that person you are talking to has a supervisor. Ask for the supervisor and see how things go from there.


That has got to be the dumbest Sprint representative in the world, EVER. Seriously.

For that matter, opening IE and going to the “Sprint PowerDeck” favorite will get you to the updates page as well.

Eric, any chance that the next Mogul update can include the HTC Home screen that exists on the Touch? :) Sure, I know I can get it from various sites, and I do, but it would be nice to have it built in.

eric Lin

James, it seems a few people have beat me to it. We (HTC) provide the software updates for all our phones and make them available on our site. Your brother spoke to an unfortunately misinformed rep at Sprint. the upgrade is his for taking. Upgrade for sure, but stay with Sprint only at will.


This is simply misinformation on Sprints part.

I am not business customer and did the upgrade myself the other day.

It can be obtained here from HTC:


It is very important to follow the instructions to the letter and to backup your contact info as anything on the phone will be lost when you re-flash but it’s not very hard.

avid reader

The update is available on HTC website. Likewise, he can get it from ppcgeeks.com under the HTC titan forum.

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