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I Am Rich: Proof that Apple doesn’t do any quality control with the App Store

What more can I say, the fact that this application is live in the App Store proves Apple couldn’t possibly do more than have a drone sitting in a cubicle hitting “Approve” on new apps for the App Store.

I present to you I Am Rich.

I think the big problem here is that Apple has touted the fact that they will only let “quality” applications in to reduce the possibility of the App Store getting overrun with crap. If this isn’t crap, I don’t know what is.

UPDATE: It seems this useless app was pulled from the store. Thank goodness.

22 Responses to “I Am Rich: Proof that Apple doesn’t do any quality control with the App Store”

  1. Paulius

    I think App Store will become in few more month like Wallmart or K Mart supermarket where it is impossible to find a good quality products.

    The Paradox of Choice – Why More Is Less.

    If you watched the video you will understund what is happening and what is going to happen. So I would like Apple to filter things and present me with only top or good products not some kind of 1second ideas.

    I think the problem here is that App store is locked and apps like this has no a way way for distribution. If Apple would open the iPhone installation process this would work better. Junk apps developer can market themselves if they want to sell for $1000. That way we get good and let others to ply with ideas but they have to find other places to reach people who wants Misc apps for free or 1000.

    What do you think?

  2. Do you guys really want Apple to start making value judgements on what should and shouldn’t be allowed into the App Store? Like they should start saying, nah, this app sucks, not going in. Or, huh, this apps ok, but developer, this price is all wrong, not going in.

    Apple should stick to whatever technical quality control it’s doing, make sure the apps aren’t doing anything on the sly and leave it at that. Let the market determine whether or not an app is worth it or not.

  3. If they let this in, do you really think they have tested any of the apps to see if they will crash iPhones? I have had to restore my iPhone so many times I lost count. The iTunes and iPhone updates have NOT all helped quitting apps that many times lead to a bricked iPhone! Apple should be ashamed of the shoddy software release and the App Store sham!

    With almost 1500 apps in the store I would be surprised if there was 150 that were actually any good. Looks like a money grab by Apple without regard to quality. I used to buy this other company’s products some years ago that worked in a similar way. They are loacted in Redmond, maybe you heard of them.

  4. The cynicist inside me says that it’s because Apple gets 30% of the $600 asking price. And will they refund it, when someone has 1-click activated, and presses install by accident?

  5. I disagree completely. How exactly are you defining quality? From a useful or technical perspective? Quality may just mean that it doesn’t crash, isn’t malware contravene T&C or insecure. Getting into the debate of “is the app idea any good” Is something Apple should have NO say in. I may not like an app or find it completely worthless but I’ll defend it’s right to be included in the app store if it’s not malicious.

  6. Michael

    Reminds me back in the day when SNES cartridges had to have the “Official Nintendo Seal Of Approval” on the boxes in order to be sold.
    That “Seal of approval” didn’t mean that Nintendo thought it was worthy of purchase. It just meant that it was tested to work ok on the SNES and charge a tithe on the developers for the logo.
    I think the same is happening to the AppStore apps with Apple merely just checking that a) it works on the iPhone and b) won’t cause it to excessively crash the machine.

  7. Too funny!

    I posted a review, let’s see if it shows up (rixmb)

    What the heck are they doing to let this through an yet have important updates to apps sitting there for days after the dev posts the code to fix bugs etc.??

    Apple is a better company that what the app store is beginning to make them out to be what with the “free” apps that get a ton of downloads and suddenly go “paid” only to get a bunch of people who are less than tech savvy buying them and feeling ripped off… Is the mobileme guy in charge of app store also? ;)

    Come on Apple you need to get serious about the app store and the quality/kind of apps that are on it. If I see one more “soduku” app or flashlight app I’m going to puke!

    At any rate, thanks for the chuckle! Please let us know if you get anyone actually purchasing the app.



  8. Joey Smith

    AGREED! Just take a look at the App Store SHAM in general! Indeed the App Store is a SHAM and should be renamed the CRAPP Store! 95% of the so called Apps are USELESS at best, and the remaining are mediocre at best! What a joke! SHAME ON APPLE AND STEVE JOBS!

  9. Actually the Egocentrist in you can easily fake the app for free using the graphics located on the Developer Website…

    Just so you know before you spend a ton on this (obviously clever) developer.