Headline Offers a Mac Take on Feed Reading

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ScreenshotRSS Feeds – most web workers can’t live without them. But we can (and do) switch the software we use to read them. Doseido’s Headline offers an up-to-date looking way for OS X users to scan through and manage their incoming feed items, at a reasonable price.

Headline offers a minimal UI that’s easy to manage without taking your hands off the keyboard. You get one long scrolling list of feed headlines that you can filter by date or by search keyword. When you see something you’re interested in, hit the return key and see it in a quick preview window. Command-Return opens it in your default browser instead.

Beyond reading, Headline offers a built-in audio and video player for podcast lovers, and simple sharing: a single click is enough to send an item off to iChat or to your email client. Other amenities include Growl notification (though Headline’s own window is small enough that you may not begrudge it full-time screen space) and the ability to save favorites for later.

Headline isn’t quite there yet to become my full-time feed reader (I’m still using Cyndicate for that). I’d need to see the ability to sort the open items list and to have a larger preview window, among other tweaks, and it’s not optimized for scanning huge numbers of feeds. But I’m loading up my most important feeds into Headline to use as an early-warning system.

Headline is $19.95 to register, or you can try it 15 times for free.

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I’ve been using Feedly and have been really happy with it’s performance. It’s an addon for firefox which works out perfectly for me. It supports multiple views including river, magazine style, etc. You should try it out: http://feedly.com

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