Fujitsu U820, meet the FCC. FCC, meet Fujitsu’s newest UMPC

Fujitsuu820Fujitsu’s refresh of the U810 UMPC will hit the U.S. with the monniker of…. wait for it…. the U820. The diminutive mobile device is showing off for the F.C.C., so assuming there’s no testing issues, we’ll see the U820 sooner rather than later. It has the same 5.6-inch display at an eyeball popping 1024 x 600 resolution, but as we already knew, Fujitsu has reworked the small keyboard with an extra row of keys. Last we heard, this would be Atom-based and it looks like the Intel Atom Z530 is paired with the 945GU Express.

JKK pored through the documentation and found mention of an FM transmitter on the inside. Definitely a nice feature, but I’m not sure I’d personally pipe tunes to a radio through the U820: I’d rather use a device that has a longer battery life to do that so I can use the U820 for mobile computing. Still, could be handy for some. I see that the unit will be available with either Vista or XP Tablet Edition if the manual is accurate. Hey, there’s also 802.11n in the gooey center as well, which complements the 802.11 a/b/g support. Nice!

Update: a little more perusing of the manual shows this interesting display tidbit. Since the display is SVGA, I’m wondering if you can natively display WXGA and pan?



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