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DVD Burning-On-Demand Not So Much In Demand; Players Delay Plans

imageEarlier today we wrote about DVD rental kiosks from Blockbuster (NYSE: BBI) and Redbox’s delayed IPO. Now, another variation on the theme, kiosks burning DVDs on demand, are not so in demand, it turns out. After the major studios OK’d the burn technologies last year, everyone expected large scale pilot and some roll outs this year, but it looks like those would now be delayed into 2009, reports VideoBusiness, in a detailed story.

Some of the troubles:
— Walgreen

4 Responses to “DVD Burning-On-Demand Not So Much In Demand; Players Delay Plans”

  1. christian

    this isn't a surprise. DVDs won't be here forever anyway. If you have time to burn a DVD, you probably have time to download a DVD at home too.

  2. Whilst Mr De Rycker is correct that the process must be efficient, customers are prepared to spend long periods in store if there is a reason. Successful retailers rely on good customer service, high levels of availability and value: BestBuy vs DSGi. Borders and Barnes and Noble have 1 hour dwell times.

    Kiosks and self service systems are not the future of retail, the internet does this so much better. However in store manufacture for entertainment product, not necessarily always on demand, is the future for high street retailing of this product.

  3. Whist this is compelling for content owner/distributors,
    customers have no time for this, they wouldn't spend more than a couple of minutes in the store. Some basic survery/test would have highlited this

    Emmanuel De Rycker