Topping off the batteries just in case

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Edouard_pathWell it’s currently heading straight for Galveston which puts it coming right up our noses in Houston.  It’s not a hurricane yet thankfully but what Edouard does tonight will have a big impact on landfall, now scheduled to be tomorrow mid-day.  My recent look at my current battery situation now has particular validity and it’s gratifying I could go such a long time without power if I had to.  One area I didn’t really touch on in that analysis was in the area of cell phones as along with potential power outage there is usually cellular network downtime.  I am very fortunate in that regard too as I have no shortage of cell phones around Mobile Tech Manor due to all the evaluations I do so as long as I charge all the batteries tonight I should have days of cell phone battery life at my disposal.  I have accounts at three different phone carriers so as long as at least one of them stays online I should be covered.  Hopefully this will all be for nothing if Edouard turns overnight or gets weaker.  That would be sweet.

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You can always use the car cig lighter for power as an additional back-up.

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