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Silicon Valley Startups and Titans Bask in the Sunlight: While solar startups are scrambling to secure funding and prove their technology, tech giants like Intel, Applied Materials and National Semiconductor don’t intend to let the multibillion dollar potential of the solar industry pass them by –

A Third of China’s Emissions Due to Exports: For developed countries, cleaning up emissions has meant shipping dirty manufacturing processes overseas. A lot of it has wound up in China and economists now estimate that a full third of China’s carbon footprint, representing 6 percent of the globe’s total carbon emissions, are expended on goods exported back to the developing world and elsewhere – NewScientist.

Go Fly a Kite to Tap High Altitude Winds: The energy potential of wind is related to the cube of its velocity, making speedier winds far more energetic. Scientists in the Netherlands have successfully tested a kite that generated 10 kilowatts of power and claim they can boost that to 100 megawatts – Guardian.

Tesla Founder Loves His New Tesla: Telsa founder Martin Eberhard says he’s already put over a thousand miles on his brand-spanking new Tesla and has been passing “slow pokes” on Skyline Boulevard. But he isn’t a fan of the “horrible” radio and nav system – Tesla Founders Blog.

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