Why Not a Location-Aware Laptop?

ScreenshotPretty much any new phone these days can tell you where you are, from a combination of GPS and cell phone tower triangulation. And you can even buy this technology outside of phones: AnyTrack will sell you devices that keep track of where they are and can be contacted through the cell network to get their current position. So why don’t we have this technology for laptop computers?

Judging by the AnyTrack site, such a capability might add 2 or 3 ounces to the weight of your next high-end laptop, and a few hundred dollars in cost. Personally, I’ve been through laptop theft once, and we’ve covered the fact that it’s a huge problem. Imagine a laptop that you could dial up and find out where it was, physically. I’d pay the extra for that, just like I pay for AppleCare now; my data is worth the insurance. How about yours?


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