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iPhone OS 2.0.1 Available With a Truckload of “Bug Fixes”

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This evening Apple made iPhone OS 2.0.1 available via iTunes.

Frequently Apple doesn’t include a lot of information on what software updates actually fix, but this could be on of the most cryptic of all.

This update simply says the update includes “Bug Fixes”…247MB of “bug fixes” to be exact.

Now that isn’t an additional 247MB of space that will be docked from your storage space, but it is quite a hefty download nonetheless.

So far I haven’t noticed any issues from the update and if anything interactive feels a bit snappier.

Give the download a go and let us know if you notice it fixing any specific issues or if you run in to any new problems with the download.

18 Responses to “iPhone OS 2.0.1 Available With a Truckload of “Bug Fixes””

  1. Techslacker

    Well since upgrading to 2.01 I’m running into more bugs than I was with 2.0. itunes was acting flakey with sometimes showing the wrong audio piece that was playing. The performance of the phone in general went down with animation being more jerky. I also had one time where I couldn’t dial out though I admit it might have been at&t…never had that problem with any phone before though. I did a restore of 2.01 and the performance has been much better since then and have yet to see any of the flakey stuff yet…it took a few days to see the issues the first time though.

  2. Regarding the “truckload of bug fixes”… can anyone list 20 things that have DEFINITELY been fixed with this update?

    10 things?
    5 things?
    2 thing?

    Anything at all????

  3. > There could be a truckload of bug fixes, or just one and it
    > would be about the same size.

    Not a single employee anywhere at Apple can come up with any way to
    send “just the patches” instead of “just replace the entire OS, instead”???


  4. I have a 2g iPhone and upgraded using pwnage tool for Mac i did not notice any issue until I started loading the phone full os legit app store apps I found the biggest issue was if an app was installing when a txt message came in the whole whole phone would freeze if I powered it off then turned it back on it would stay at the apple boot logo for hours and housrs and the phone would get real warm

    the only fix would be to put it into DFU mode and restore the unit from scratch

    found if you delete all your back ups from iTunes then restore and when promted set up as a new Iphone it works better but still not perfect anyone with a 1st gen pwned unlocked and activated iphone try and load the new 2.0.1 firmware yet? any results of it staying unlocked and activated?

  5. This seems to fix the one feature my iPhone was missing, a working phone. I can actually make and recieve phone calls now! (For the past week, wether someone called my mobile or I called them, the call would drop within 30 seconds.) I hope this stays this way…

  6. I’m an 02 customer in the UK and the 2.0.1 update seems to have crippled the GPS locate feature. Takes significantly longer to find me, and when it does, it’s still not as accurate as was before the update. Anyone else having problems with the GPS?

  7. Techslacker

    Honza, I’m not sure that Apple’s quality is any different than it always has been…it’s arguable though. The reason I say that is because Apple is shipping items in higher quantity than ever before in just about all of their hardware product lines. In the past Apple has had some quality issues but the numbers were much smaller due to a smaller market and not to mention that Apple is more in the spotlight now than in the past.

    Anyways the update seems to have come down in a timely manner late last night and installed without issue. Now for the real test…using it.

  8. Basically my 2G phone turned to s**t when I went from zippy 1.1.4 to oh so sluggish 2.0. I have experienced many crashes, not just apps, but complete phone reboots (on 1.1.4 I never saw the phone reboot). I was actually in 2 minds whether to go back to 1.1.4 or wait for 2.0.x, and if this update doesn’t fix the crashes and reboots, and the annoying what feels like 10 seconds wait to start the camera, or the contacts app, then I will downgrade or sell this thing. Is it just the iPhone or has Apple quality taken a dive across the whole product line recently?

  9. I’ve seen a significant improvement in Contacts load time. On the old firmware the iPhone would freeze for ~5 seconds while it loaded contacts now down to < 1s. Also Backup does seem marginaly quicker.

  10. I’m not surprised by the tight lips. 2.0 caused my ipod touch to crash at least 2-3 times a day before it finally just got stuck on the apple reset logo with no rebooting. The “Genius” bar confirmed it was dead and gave me a refurbished model with 3 months less than my original warranty. The rep never responded to my questions about possible bugs with the new OS or apps. I’ve been thinking it wouldl be stupid to sync the replacement until this “bug fix.” Big problems=Big fix, I hope. Now I just need a new screen protector the hardest part of the whole deal. Thanks Apple for being more like Microsoft every day.

  11. I have found one thing that seems to be fixed. In 2.0, when you launch the Contacts app from the home screen, there were a few seconds of lag before you could scroll, and the scrolling was quite slow. These problems are gone now in 2.0.1.

  12. Randy W.

    Wow, I just got my iPhone and already a 249.2 MB update… coming from the Windows world, it doesn’t look like Apple will be making any updated videos about how great the iPhone is compared to the bloated Windows Mobile… It makes absolutely no sense to replace an entire firmware code unless you have so many bug fixes that you are afraid your fixes will cause other problems previously unnoticed.

    This is ridiculous, let me download the patches, if I run into a problem, then let me update the entire firmware!

    By the way, 250 MB is a service pack with many 100’s of fixes in it — thank God I don’t have to download this thing over 3G running at about 2x dial-up speed.

  13. Adam Hegedus

    I think the size of the file is irrelevant… the download is for the entire firmware, they’re always somewhere around 250MB. There could be a truckload of bug fixes, or just one and it would be about the same size.

  14. It’s taking forever!!! I typically cancel any “backups” during syncs. But for the update, it won’t let me. So far it’s been going for an hour and a half. The last time I left backup going overnight, and it was still going in the morning. I finally cancelled it. Not sure what I will do if the same happens here.