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Chris Crocker To Leave YouTube Alone

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They grow up so fast. Eleven months after racking up more than 20 million views with his heartfelt defense of Britney Spears, the frequently parodied Chris Crocker announced last week that he will leave YouTube for good.

The self-declared face of YouTube announced the news in what he promises to be his last vlog, which is an intense rant against the YouTube powers that be, whom he attacks for not properly appreciating his…talent? Among his complaints: YouTube has removed him from the Most Subscribed list and he’s never been treated like other YouTube celebrities like Tay Zonday, despite being “the voice of his generation.” (His words.)

“YouTube is not proud of me,” he says, adding, “I want to be in a place a little more Chris Crocker-friendly.” That Crocker-friendly place? Social networking site While Gawker offers no theories as to why Crocker made the move, it seems like a reasonable theory that the former file-sharing site would have attempted to woo Crocker, possibly financially, in the hopes of taking advantage of the vlogger’s notoriety. (We’ve asked Sharenow for comment but as of this posting, had not heard back.)

If Sharenow did plonk down some cash to woo Crocker over, it’s actually not a terrible decision, as before he was the mascara-smeared face of vlogging, Crocker had actually popped up frequently on the YouTube Most Viewed list with his candid discussion of sexuality (in particular, his own) and was pretty adept at generating views (mostly by lashing out at his detractors). Hopefully his fan base will follow him to the new site — but as a non-Crocker fan, I have to admit I’ll enjoy the (relative) peace and quiet.

8 Responses to “Chris Crocker To Leave YouTube Alone”

  1. …and nothing of value was lost!

    . I have zero respect for this freak when he said Britney’s troubles was more important than 9/11 (he said that once in a deleted video)

    Still it shows that youtube will and can play favorites. They will censor and shut up anyone who they think is too controversial. (ie, Jipsik aka producing101)