Britain one step closer to “The Matrix” as evidenced by video



Phil, our UK man in the field, passed this BBC video over and all I can think of when I watch it is the code in "The Matrix". Using satellite tracking and combining it with other data, "the Beeb" shows various items zipping about the land, air and sea. Want to see a representation of taxis over a 24-hour period as they leave the congested roads? How about the air-traffic in the skies above? Every phone call in the system is electronically represented here too, but try as I might, I couldn’t spot an Agent. Thanks, Phil!



@Nate, Jelster:

I am in the UK and am not worried by this at all. I would be more worried were I in Russia or Switzerland where mobile providers are required by law to periodically record location of each handset and to keep it archived for a period of time.


But they are not tracking you. It’s just information and data that is collated all over the world to manage the many systems we use. The fact it is being modeled and placed on TV doesn’t mean similar tracking hasn’t existed for many decades if not throughout the history of civilised man.

By extension you can make anything appear to be part of some devious plan or a first step on a dark path. I don’t think we should be ignorant of that but I also don’t think we should be so fast to reject out of fear. To me that’s a much more limiting and confining path than any amount of monitoring could hope to achieve.


@ Jelster

I don’t like the idea of being tracked. How long is it before the “other data” used for this gets personal?

Is it neat? Yes.

I just don’t like where stuff like this can go. I’d be especially worried about if I was in the UK.


@Nate. Huh? Seems a strange response to something that is interesting and largely unseen before. Should we instead get back to watching a “REALITY” tv show instead?

Anyway. Great stuff IMO and a logical extension of those night maps of the world where you see the cities light up in little campfire like clusters. Really hope we can see this kind of data get mashed with the likes of google/live maps, it is really what the internet is all about.


That’s pretty cool. It would be interesting to see something like that from the US. Well, the east coast, anyway. All those tinfoil hats in the midwest and west coast would probably just black out that 3/4 of the country. ;-)

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