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A Guide for the Olympics Online

There’s a lot of hubbub over how much of the Olympics will be online this year. Despite the fact that NBC is delaying the webcasting of popular events until after they air on the Pacific Coast, there’s still so much video that we thought we’d help you out by giving you a handy-dandy guide to what’s available and where.

Here’s where to feed your Olympics coverage addiction:

Location Content Home for all things Olympic:

  • 2,200 hours of streamed video content
  • 20 concurrent streams covering 25 Olympic sports
  • 3,000 hours of on-demand content (full-event replays, highlights, recaps, athlete-specific clips)
  • Personalized viewer guide and schedule to find when events are on TV and online
  • Destination Beijing video about the host city
  • Widget to embed Olympic video on personal pages
  • Vlogs: Olympians provide personally-shot, homes style video of their lives A Spanish language “near-clone” of the English site with comprehensive coverage including video.
TVTonic Download and watch full-length Olympic events, even when offline (requires Windows Vista).
Mobile Web ( Highlights
Daily news
Exclusive mobile on-demand video content
Mobile TV 24/7 channel featuring best of the Beijing Games (available to AT&T MediaFLO subscribers).
VOD Daily highlights and long-form coverage of the games
Exclusive HD content (check with your cable or satellite operator for availability)
Interactive TV Users can access top news stories, updated medal counts, Olympic TV listings and profiles of Team USA (check with local provider for availability)

14 Responses to “A Guide for the Olympics Online”

  1. Ok thanks for the official line on where to get authorized sanitized streams .

    Now where are all the Unauthorized ,gritty ,user gen streams like p2p streaming ,mobile video ect that NBC China and the Olympics dont want us to watch

  2. I still can’t figure out what the numbers in the gold circles mean on NBC’s guide. Though I did discover much of the content I want to watch (online) is midnight – 4am – hopefully they’ll archive ALL of it for more reasonable viewing hours.